At Anagram,we are not limited by imagination, design complexity or the magnitude of the task. The greater the challenge, the better we respond to it. we have the skills and the production capability of producing a wide variety of products. we can make whatever you want.Whether the design is minimalistic or involved intricate patterns. Whether it involves straight or curved edges. Whether the raw material is wood or mix of wood or glass or a mix of wood and metal. In any color and in a finish of your choice.

VENEERS : Matte, Semi-gloss and High Gloss
PIGMENTED LAEQUER : In Matte and High Gloss
GLASS LAEQUER :Matte and High Gloss

Each piece from Anagram offers abundance of class, badge value and oomph. All raw material used for their production is of globally accepted standards. Every product is crafted under the watchful eyes of German carpentry masters and is subjected to stringent quality inspections before it leaves the factor floor.